SEDILEC was founded in 2011 with the aim of becaming a reference in the industrial electronics market in two sectors with high potential:

  • Electronic security.
  • Road lighting with LED lamps.

Innovation in design and quality in manufacturing are our identity, our future arguments.

Our new facilities are fully equipped with the latest JIT manufacturing technologies (Just in Time). Continued investments in R&D&I allows us to be always at the forefront of electronic design and software development.

Our strength relies on our human resources: professionals with extensive experience in all areas of business management and electronic design.

Due to the rigorous management carried out in the design, development and manufacture of our security and lighting products, we can guarantee the highest standards required by our customers.

Our new facilities are fully equipped to meet the challenges of growth we expect in the coming years. We are dedicated exclusively to research, design, development, manufacture and sale of electronic security and lighting systems. It is our business and our passion.