The best argument of sale, is a well finished product, a reliable product that fulfills the client expectations, a product that perfectly suits the quality-price binomial.

SEDILEC designs and manufactures equipment of proven quality, devices that do not generate problems. It also offers a personal service of electronic and mechanical design, as well as maintenance and repair of high efficiency and low cost for both our devices and the customer's ones. These are checked and repaired in our facilities by highly qualified technicians.

That is the key point of effectiveness that we bring, not only the import and sale of equipment, but also its design, its manufacture and its repair. This allows us to have among our clients the most important companies in the field of national security: ADI, SECURITAS DIRECT, SIEMENS, GUNNEBO, STANLEY, PROSEGUR, etc. As well as the most dynamic regional distributors of the sector: CASMAR, EXSI, BYDEMES, etc.